Sustainability at CAPVERIANT

About us

CAPVERIANT GmbH is supported by pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank and the Banque des Territoires (French Caisse des Dépôts Group). We thus provide a resilient, long-term and efficient platform for lenders and local authorities in Europe to come together and close deals quickly.

Our vision

With now 1,000 customers, we are not only Germany’s largest platform for municipal finance, but also the only independent one. But we want to go one step further: Our vision is to be the platform for sustainable municipal financing and to efficiently support our customers on their way to greater sustainability. To achieve this, we want both as CAPVERIANT GmbH to make our platform “greener” and support our customers to make sustainable investments, and to contribute to sustainability ourselves.

Our values

Sustainability is a continuous improvement process. We focus on ESG issues and make them an integral part of our business strategy and orientation.  We are guided by:

EU action plan on sustainable finance (i.e. Taxonomy and Disclosure regulations)

In our view, long-term business success is defined by:

  • responsible corporate governance based on law-abiding behavior and integrity,
  • high ethical standards, the assumption of social responsibility and the
  • as well as the conservation of natural resources and protection of the climate.


What are we already doing ourselves?

Almost all our employees work in a home office. Our office serves as a shared office and is located in a green building. We use a wide range of electronic systems to replace paper-based processes as far as possible and have energy-efficient office equipment.
Through our Travel Policy, we only take necessary trips and keep them to a minimum. When possible, we prefer videoconferencing as a meeting tool. We also switch to trains to avoid airplanes as a means of transportation.
CAPVERIANT GmbH respects the dignity, rights, and privacy of people. It respects all people regardless of age, gender, race, social background, ability, sexual orientation, or religion and promotes diversity among employees. Unfair treatment or discrimination against employees will not be tolerated. In the selection and development of employees, CAPVERIANT GmbH is committed to equal opportunity without discriminating based on age, disability, ethnic origin, skin color, gender, pregnancy, religion, marital status or other characteristics. Employees are evaluated based on their performance.

Our goal is a culture of equal opportunity, respect and trust, and appreciative engagement. The percentage of women among our employees is 40%, also over 40% of the managers in the company are women. At CAPVERIANT Ltd. there are 4 nationalities. Our 21 employees speak 6 languages. In this culture, potentials unfold, synergies arise, and encounters are lived at eye level. We are convinced that the appreciative attitude towards diversity and the daily living of this is and will be an essential and important part of CAPVERIANT GmbH.

What do we do for our customers?

Since the end of 2022, we are part of a working group of the Bertelsmann Foundation to further advance the topic of ESG/ sustainability in municipal finance in Germany. In France, we launched workshops in 2023 with our investor clients (soon with our borrower clients) to involve them in the construction of a platform that fully meets their ESG needs. Developments should be initiated later this year on our platform to give them access to key ESG information and indicators to help finance projects with a positive impact on the environment and society. In addition, we anchor SDG/ ESG relevant data on our platform and offer our clients CAPVERIANT Talks and CVT Newsletters on the topic of “Sustainable Municipal Finance” in Germany and France.